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Major newspapers and political figures are beginning to release their endorsements as the Alberta provincial election campaign comes to a close. If you subscribe to a newspaper, you likely agree in part with its views and opinions. If you haven’t made up your mind, like many Albertans, an endorsement could sway how you vote.

Can an endorsement sway an entire election? A newspaper cannot determine how the public votes, but they likely have some influence over their readership. The current campaign is very tight; a minority government is possible and the result is far from certain. By publishing an endorsement, a newspaper could provide a party with a crucial boost before Election Day.

The National Post, a traditionally conservative newspaper, has endorsed the Wildrose and leader Danielle Smith due to the notion of change they propose for the province through “fresh blood and vibrant new ideas.” The paper “encourages” their Albertan readers to vote Wildrose on Monday.

Preston Manning, the former Reform Party leader, also endorses the Wildrose. He suggests the Legislature undergo a “spring cleaning” to eliminate alleged corruption and negativity resulting from the forty-one year PC administration.

The Globe and Mail, on the other hand, supports the Alison Redford-led Progressive Conservatives and calls the Wildrose “remarkably change-averse.” In terms of oil, energy and health policy, the Globe believes the PC are the better choice for Alberta’s future, domestically and internationally.

Notably, the Calgary Herald has not endorsed a party as their editorial board was unable to come to a consensus of whether to support the PC or Wildrose. Instead, the party offers reasons to vote for the two parties and suggest readers should “choose based on the issues that matter to them the most.” The Herald believes the PC are better for the province in terms of Alberta’s “smart, stable and sure” international presence and image, while the Wildrose offer “bold” change for the province.

Will the endorsement of a newspaper or a political figure impact how you cast your Student Vote ballot?

Who will the students of Alberta endorse? We’ll find out Monday.


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