Green Party

Party Leader: Dr. Thomas Trappenberg
Founded: 2006
Current Number of Seats: 0


The Green Party of Nova Scotia was founded in 2006. The party supports the Global Green Charter and is aligned with other environmental parties worldwide.

The party has run candidates in three provincial elections and four by-elections, but has never had a seat in the Nova Scotia House of Assembly.

Nick Wright became the party’s first leader and led the party into the 2006 election. The party fielded 52 candidates and received 2.33 per cent of the popular vote.

Wright was replaced by Ken McGowan in 2007. Afterward, McGowan was replaced by Ellen Durkee in 2008. Ryan Watson led the party into the 2009 provincial election. The party did not win a seat, but earned 2.34 per cent of the popular vote.

John Percy became the party leader in 2009. In the 2013 provincial election only 16 candidates ran, and the party won 0.89 per cent of the popular vote.

Dr. Thomas Trappenberg became the party leader in 2016.