Party Leader: Stephen McNeil
Founded: 1883
Current Number of Seats: 34


The Nova Scotia Liberal Party is a branch of the federal Liberal Party. The party formed government in Nova Scotia several times before Confederation, but the current incarnation of the party was formally founded in 1883.

Joseph Howe, who helped make Nova Scotia the first British colony to win responsible government, served as Liberal premier between 1860 and 1863.

Prior to 1956, the Nova Scotia Liberal Party had been in power for 76 out of 89 years, including 43 consecutive years between 1882 and 1925.

The party most recently held power between 1993 and 1999, under the leadership of premiers John Savage and Russell MacLellan. Savage became party leader in 1992 and led the party to a majority government in the 1993 election. Savage resigned as premier in 1997 and was replaced by MacLellan. MacLellan won a minority government in 1998, but was defeated by the PC’s in 1999.

Stephen McNeil became party leader in 2007. The party won 11 seats in the 2009 election, allowing the party to form the official opposition.

In the 2013 provincial election, Stephen McNeil led the Liberals to a majority win with 33 seats.