School Board Profiles

Annapolis Valley Regional School Board

School board type: English

Key Information and Demographics

School board’s mission and/or vision statement: 
“The Annapolis Valley Regional School Board’s Mission is to create a supportive, student-centred environment where each student succeeds and all education partners are respected and valued.”
“Our Vision is Working Together for Students.”
Number of schools: 41 schools and two adult high schools
Number of students: 12,900
Number of staff: 1,500 full-time equivalent positions staffed by more than 2,000 individuals

Financial Information

Total annual revenues (2015): $138,390,834 
Total annual expenses (2015): $138,386,209 

Election Notes

Number of electoral districts: 10 (boundaries amended for the 2016 election)
Number of school board members:
 13 (one elected member per electoral district, one elected African Nova Scotian representative, one appointed First Nations member)
Candidates for Election


  • Municipality of Annapolis (Districts: 1-11)
  • Municipality of Kings (Districts: 1-9)
  • Municipality of West Hants (Districts: 1-10)
  • Town of Middleton
  • Town of Berwick
  • Town of Kentville
  • Town of Wolfville
  • Town of Windsor

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