School Board Profiles

Conseil scolaire acadien provincial

School board type: French

Key Information and Demographics

School board’s mission and/or vision statement: 
“The Provincial Acadian School Board offers premium quality French education while respecting its cultural mission and contributing to the global development and identity-building of its students within the French-speaking and Acadian context of Nova Scotia.”
“The Provincial Acadian School Board works with its partners to ensure the academic and social development of every student to shape them into citizens who are proud of the French language and engaged with their culture and communities, and who are responsible, fluent in both official languages and world citizens.”
Number of schools: 22 schools across the province
Number of students: 5,477
Number of staff: 309 full-time teachers and 31 full-time resource teachers

Financial Information

Total annual revenues (2015): $70,100,000 
Total annual expenses (2015): $70,100,000

Election Notes

Number of school board members: 17
Number of electoral districts: 9
Candidates for Election


The school board represents French-language schools across the province. Schools are divided into three different regions: North East, Central, and South-West.

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