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Results by Electoral District

Moncton Northwest

Vote Count

Results by Candidate

Elected Candidate Political Party Electoral District Vote Count Vote %
Courtney Pringle-Carver Liberal Party Moncton Northwest 176 32.84%
Ernie Steeves Progressive Conservative Party of New Brunswick Moncton Northwest 158 29.48%
Cyprien Okana New Brunswick New Democratic Party Moncton Northwest 97 18.10%
Keagan Slupsky Parti Vert N.B. Green Party Moncton Northwest 63 11.75%
Myrna Geldart People's Alliance of New Brunswick Moncton Northwest 42 7.84%

Participating Schools

School Name (Click to view results) Ballots Requested Vote Count
Bernice MacNaughton High School 650 390
Evergreen Park School 220 146