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Results by Electoral District

Saint John East

Vote Count

Results by Candidate

Elected Candidate Political Party Electoral District Vote Count Vote %
Glen Savoie Progressive Conservative Party of New Brunswick Saint John East 311 45.07%
Clare Manzer Liberal Party Saint John East 183 26.52%
Lynaya Astephen Parti Vert N.B. Green Party Saint John East 69 10.00%
Matthew Thompson People's Alliance of New Brunswick Saint John East 65 9.42%
Alex White New Brunswick New Democratic Party Saint John East 62 8.99%

Participating Schools

School Name (Click to view results) Ballots Requested Vote Count
Bayside Middle School 650 0
Champlain Heights School 180 0
Glen Falls Elementary 85 77
Lakewood Heights School 50 44
Loch Lomond Elementary 175 177
Simonds High School 850 392