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Results by Electoral District

Saint John Harbour

Vote Count

Results by Candidate

Elected Candidate Political Party Electoral District Vote Count Vote %
Barry Ogden Progressive Conservative Party of New Brunswick Saint John Harbour 216 31.95%
Gerry Lowe Liberal Party Saint John Harbour 221 32.69%
Jennifer McKenzie New Brunswick New Democratic Party Saint John Harbour 95 14.05%
Margot Brideau People's Alliance of New Brunswick Saint John Harbour 37 5.47%
Wayne Dryer Parti Vert N.B. Green Party Saint John Harbour 107 15.83%

Participating Schools

School Name (Click to view results) Ballots Requested Vote Count
Divine Mercy Catholic School 41 35
Prince Charles School 42 22
Princess Elizabeth School 200 220
Saint John High School 425 0
St. John the Baptist/King Edward School 80 69
St. Malachys Memorial High School 400 330