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Results by Electoral District

Saint John Lancaster

Vote Count

Results by Candidate

Elected Candidate Political Party Electoral District Vote Count Vote %
Dorothy Shephard Progressive Conservative Party of New Brunswick Saint John Lancaster 301 37.25%
Doug James Parti Vert N.B. Green Party Saint John Lancaster 171 21.16%
Kathleen Riley-Karamanos Liberal Party Saint John Lancaster 141 17.45%
Paul Seelye People's Alliance of New Brunswick Saint John Lancaster 81 10.02%
Tony Mowery New Brunswick New Democratic Party Saint John Lancaster 114 14.11%

Participating Schools

School Name (Click to view results) Ballots Requested Vote Count
Barnhill Memorial School 400 343
Beaconsfield Middle School 170 149
Island View Elementary 210 147
Kyle Peters Homeschool 1 1
Saint Rose School 240 168
Seaside Park Elementary School 28 0