This page includes PowerPoint presentations to complement the lessons and activities found in the Elementary Resources and Secondary Resources.

Please use, modify, rearrange and choose from these PowerPoints as you see fit.


  • PowerPoint #1: Government and Democracy [PPT]
  • PowerPoint #2: Rights and Responsibilities in a Democracy [PPT]
  • PowerPoint #3: Three Levels of Government [PPT]
  • PowerPoint #4: Political Parties [PPT]
  • PowerPoint #5: Local Candidates and Issues [PPT]
  • PowerPoint #6: Messages in the Media [PPT]
  • PowerPoint #7: The Voting Process [PPT]


  • PowerPoint #1: Governance and Democracy [PPT]
  • PowerPoint #2: Democratic Rights and Responsibilities [PPT]
  • PowerPoint #3: Governments in Canada [PPT]
  • PowerPoint #4: Political Parties [PPT]
  • PowerPoint #5: Electoral Divisions and Local Candidates [PPT]
  • PowerPoint #6: The Role of Media in Elections [PPT]
  • PowerPoint #7: The Voting Process [PPT]

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