Alberta Liberal Party

Party Leader: David Khan
Founded: 1905
Current Number of Seats: 1


Founded in 1905, the Alberta Liberal Party governed the province between 1905 and 1921 under Premiers Alexander Rutherford, Arthur Sifton and Charles Stewart. Defeated by the United Farmers of Alberta in 1921, the Liberals were a marginal party until 1993. Between 1971 and 1986, the party did not win a single seat.

Since 1993, the centre-left Liberals have been the official opposition in the Alberta Legislature under leaders Laurence Decore, Grant Mitchell, Nancy MacBeth, Ken Nicol, Kevin Taft, Raj Sherman and David Swann.

The Kevin Taft-led Liberals were able to hold on to opposition status in 2004 and the party’s success has varied greatly in recent elections, ranging from 32 seats in 1993 to nine in 2008.

Raj Sherman assumed the role as party leader after winning a leadership vote in 2011. Sherman led the party into the 2012 general election, where the party dropped from eight seats to five seats; finishing third behind the Wildrose. The party’s vote share dropped under 10 per cent; their lowest since 1982.

On January 26, 2015, Sherman announced his resignation as the party leader. Following the resignation, David Swann was named the interim leader of the Alberta Liberals. He led the party into the 2015 provincial election, where the party was reduced from 5 seats to 1. In 2017, David Khan won the leadership vote to become the permanent Liberal leader leading up to the 2019 provincial election.