Communist Party – Alberta

Party Leader: Naomi Rankin
Founded: 1930


Created in 1930, the Alberta Communist Party operated as the Labour-Progressive party until 1963 (as the term “communist” had been banned by the federal government). The party is an affiliate of the Communist Party of Canada.

The party has never had a candidate elected, but has run at least one candidate in every election since 1975. Previously, the party did not run candidates in 1967 and 1971, but had done so in every election between 1935 and 1963.

The party ran two candidates during the 2012 election but did not win any seats. Overall, the party received 0.016 per cent of the popular vote.

Current leader Naomi Rankin has held her post since 1992. Rankin has run in every provincial and federal election in Alberta since 1982 for the Communist Party.