Freedom Conservative Party of Alberta

Party Leader: Derek Fildebrandt
Founded: 1999
Current Number of Seats: 1


Originally founded in 1999 and operating as the Alberta First Party from 1999 to 2004, and then as the Separation Party of Alberta from 2004 to 2013, the party contested its first provincial election in 2001 under the leadership of John Reil. None of the party’s 16 candidates were elected and the party received 0.87 per cent of the vote.

Reil stepped down as party leader in 2004 and the party was temporarily de-registered by Elections Alberta for not filing its 2003 financial statements on time. The party’s status was reinstated later that year and the party changed its name to the Separation Party of Alberta.

The party contested the 2004 and 2008 general elections under the leadership of Bruce Hutton, but failed to win any seats.

Prior to the 2012 general election, Bart Hampton became the new party leader. Hampton was the only candidate to run during the 2012 election and he did not win his seat.

The changed its name back to the Alberta First Party in 2013, until it was briefly known as the Western Freedom Party of Alberta from April to June 2018.

In June 22, 2018, the party changed its name to the Freedom Conservative Party of Alberta. Derek Fildebrandt, formerly an Independent Conservative, crossed the floor after being barred from running as a candidate for the United Conservative Party, and became the Freedom Conservative Party’s first MLA. He was appointed interim leader, and was then acclaimed as leader in October 2018.