Pro-Life Alberta Political Association

Party Leader: Murray Ruhl
Founded: 1934


Formerly the Alberta Social Credit Party, a request to change the party name to ‘Pro-Life Alberta Political Association’ was approved and made effective in 2017.

The Alberta Social Credit Party was founded in 1934 and governed the province between 1935 and 1971, winning nine consecutive majority governments under Premiers William Aberhart, Ernest Manning and Harry E. Strom.

The party, and its success, was the basis for the Canadian social credit movement in the mid-20th century. In social credit ideology, it is believed that the government should regulate businesses to ensure fair prices and profits. During the Great Depression, this system appealed greatly to Prairie farmers.

A close defeat (by just five percentage points in the popular vote) in the 1971 election left the Social Credit Party as the official opposition. The party lost most of its support and won only four seats in the 1975 and 1979 elections, respectively.

In the 1982 election, the Social Credit Party only ran 23 candidates and none of them were elected. The party has continued to nominate candidates in provincial elections, but the party has not held a single seat in the Alberta Legislature since 1982.

More recently, the party considered a merger with the Alberta Party in 2005. Len Skowronski assumed the role of party leader in 2007 and the Social Credit Party ran 8 candidates unsuccessfully in the 2008 provincial election.

During the 2012 general election, the party ran three candidates and received only 0.02 per cent of the vote. In the 2015 election, The Social Credit Party ran six candidates and earned a total of 832 votes.

Jeremy Fraser became the party leader until August 2018, when Murray Ruhl registered the party with Elections Alberta and was acclaimed as the new leader.