Reform Party of Alberta

Party Leader: Randy Thorsteinson
Founded: 2016


The Reform Party of Alberta was founded in 2016 by Randy Thorsteinson. Thorsteinson was formerly the leader of the Alberta Social Credit Party – leading the party to win 6.8% of the vote in the 1997 election – before creating and leading the Alberta Alliance (the forerunner to the Wildrose Party). He created the Reform Party of Alberta as an alternative for principled conservatives across the province, amidst the centrist Progressive Conservatives and the more right-leaning (now defunct) Wildrose Party.

Thorsteinson had pledged in 2015 to run a full-slate of candidates in the next election, but the provincial election was called one year earlier than expected, and as such the party was unable to register with Elections Alberta before the vote. The party tried to gain registered status with Elections Alberta in time for the March 2016 by-election in Calgary-Greenway, but was unable to meet the deadline required to have a candidate listed on the ballot. Thorsteinson intends to run a full slate of candidates in the 2019 Alberta general election.