United Conservative Party

Party Leader: Jason Kenney
Founded: 2017
Current Number of Seats: 25


Founded by Jason Kenney (former cabinet minister in the Stephen Harper government), the United Conservative Party was formed in 2017 as a merger of the Wildrose Party and Alberta Progressive Conservative Association.

The now-defunct Wildrose Party largely consisted of former PC supporters dissatisfied with the longstanding PC government for various reasons. An attempt to collapse the Wildrose into the PC party occurred in November and December 2014, although it was unsuccessful at the time. After the surprise election of the NDP in May 2015, uniting the Wildrose and PC parties became a highly prioritized issue.

 In July 2016, Jason Kenney announced that he was seeking the PC leadership on a platform of uniting the PC Party with the Wildrose. He was elected PC leader in March 2017, and successfully negotiated a merger agreement.  The UCP currently forms the Official Opposition in the Legislative Assembly of Alberta, holding 25 of the 87 seats in the Legislative Assembly of Alberta.