BC Excalibur Party

Party Leader: Michael Halliday
Founded: 2013
Current Number of Seats: 0


Michael Halliday created the British Columbia Excalibur Party in March 2013. The party is named after the mythical sword of King Arthur.

According to an article from The Chilliwack Progress, Halliday decided to create the party for voters “disgruntled” by the existing BC political parties.

The party believes that “the land, the people and the government are one.” The party strives to create a society where people can “count on the principles of truth, honour, integrity and justice and feel defended and protected by their leaders so that they can live in peace and prosperity.”

Halliday ran as an independent candidate during the 2009 BC provincial election in Vancouver – False Creek. Halliday finished fifth in the provincial election, and sixth in the 2009 Student Vote (receiving only one vote). He plans to run in Chilliwack this year.

During the 2013 provincial election, the party ran six candidates and received 0.06 per cent of the popular vote.  The party received 435 votes and 0.45 per cent of the popular vote during the 2013 BC Student Vote.

The party did not run any candidates during the 2017 provincial election.