BC Refederation Party

Party Leader: Vacant
Founded: 2000
Current Number of Seats: 0


The party was founded after the 2000 federal election as the Western Independence Party of British Columbia. The party later changed its name to Western Refederation Party of British Columbia, and changed it again to its current name – B.C. Refederation Party.

The party’s mandate is “to empower the people with political tools they don’t currently possess.”

The party contested in 2005 and 2009 elections.

During the 2005 provincial election, the party ran four candidates and received 0.04 per cent of the popular vote.

The party nominated 22 candidates during the 2009 provincial election and received 3,748 total votes.

The party did not ran any candidates during the 2013 provincial election.

Since the party’s inception, the party has had three leaders: John Twigg (2007), Mike Summers (2008-2010) and Ingrid Voigt (2010-2011).

During the 2017 provincial election, the party ran three candidates and received 0.02% of popular vote.

Presently, the party’s leadership position is vacant.