British Columbia Party

Party Leader: Vacant
Founded: 1998
Current Number of Seats: 0
Website: N/A


The British Columbia Party is a right-wing party. Lawyer John Motiuk founded the party in 1998.

The party believes in “the protection and preservation of whatever is beneficial, respect for the individual, economic responsibility, and government that is enabling.”

The party supports free votes in the legislature (where MLAs are not bound to vote with their party), fair taxes and a balanced budget.

The party did not nominate candidates in the 2001 provincial election. In 2005, the party nominated two candidates: David Andrew Wright in Delta North, and Jack Kortmeyer in Bulkley Valley-Stikine. Neither candidate received more than 200 votes. The party did not nominate candidates in 2009.

The party was previously led by former Social Credit leader Eric Buckley and former Reform Party leader Wilf Hanni. Former Social Credit candidate Grant Mitton was the party’s most recent leader. Both Hanni and Mitton left the party to join the Conservatives.

During the 2013 Provincial Election, the party did not win any seats and received 0.02 per cent of the popular vote.

The party did not run any candidates during the 2017 provincial election.

Presently, the party is without a leader and the position is vacant.