Communist Party of BC

Party Leader: Timothy Gidora
Founded: 1996
Current Number of Seats: 0


The Communist Party of BC was first registered with Elections BC in 1996 and is currently led by George Gidora.

The party calls for a creation of “socialist economy owned and democratically controlled by the working people.”

Although, The Communist Party of BC shares a lot in common with Communist Party of Canada – including many members – but by law, both parties are separate political entities.

The party was revived in 2001 and ran four candidates in the 2001 provincial election. Together, the candidates received 0.5 percent of the popular vote.

The party nominated three candidates in 2005 and received 0.01 percent of the popular vote.

During the 2013 provincial election, the party ran four candidates and received 0.02 percent of popular vote.

The 2017 party platform focuses on taxing the corporations and the wealthy, protecting the environment, reversing privatizations, expanding public ownership, investing in public transit, and protecting human rights. 

The party ran six candidates during the 2017 provincial election. The party did not win any seats and received 0.04% of the popular vote.