Student submitting a ballot


We believe that the best way to support students in developing citizenship skills is for them to experience their democracy first-hand. By reaching students throughout their school career, during and between election periods, we hope to prepare them to be active citizens before they reach official voting age.

CIVIX has been delivering Student Vote programs for federal, provincial, territorial and local elections across Canada since 2003. Participation has grown steadily over the years. In the 2019 federal election, more than 62 per cent of all schools in the country registered to participate, and 1.2 million students cast a ballot from 8,097 schools.

We also offer civic education programming between elections, including government budget consultations for youth where students learn about public finance and discuss public policy issues (Student Budget Consultation), meetings between students and their elected representatives to help them better understand and appreciate our democratic institutions (Rep Day), and a digital literacy program to help students evaluate sources and claims (CTRL-F).

The production of the resource materials for the 2022 British Columbia local elections was supported by the Government of Canada, City of Vancouver, District of North Vancouver and several private foundations.