Party Leader Q&A videos now available

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We are delighted to share a resource that you can use to easily introduce your students to the parties and their leaders in preparation for their Student Vote Day. 
In June, we invited students to submit questions for the party leaders and we received many thoughtful suggestions from throughout the country. We selected seven questions and shared them with the five political parties represented in the House of Commons.
The questions touch on important election issues, including COVID-19 economic recovery, Indigenous reconciliation, post-secondary education, environment and economy, protecting vulnerable populations, as well as questions on the leaders’ top priorities and motivations. 

We have received video responses from Justin Trudeau (Liberal), Erin O’Toole (Conservative), Yves-François Blanchet (Bloc Québécois), Jagmeet Singh (NDP) and Annamie Paul (Green). 
You can view the questions and responses here: 

The Party Leader Q&A videos will take approximately 30 minutes to watch in their entirety. You can modify the exercise by focusing on questions that matter most to your students or by focusing on the parties that are running candidates in your electoral district.
We have also posted three activity sheets to support this exercise (on the left-hand side of the webpage). Two activity sheets relate to recording notes while listening to the messages from the party leaders (by leader, or by question) and one activity to analyze the leader responses.

All videos are closed-captioned, with English subtitles available for the Bloc Québécois videos. French-language versions of these videos can be accessed at: