Week 1 Update: Student Vote Canada 2019 Resources, Educational Videos and the Party Leader Q&A

Category: Communications

This is the first of five weekly newsletters that will be available throughout Student Vote Canada 2019, published each Tuesday until Student Vote Week.
Many of these newsletters will be used to share tools and resources with you, or to provide reminders about key campaign events or program activities.
If you registered before this week, you should have received your resource package. In some cases, it may need to be picked up at your local outlet. You can track it via the notification from Canada Post.
We just released the new ‘Federal Elections’ animated education video, now accompanying those on ‘Democratic Principles,’ ‘Information Pollution’, ‘Disinformation’ and ‘Why Voting Matters.’ You can access all of our project videos here (below the lesson plans).
Through our exclusive partnership with The Globe and Mail, you are eligible to receive free digital access until October 31. The details to access this offer were emailed to you previously. If you did not receive this information, please let us know. The Globe and Mail is also running a twice-weekly free newsletter for the 2019 election with a focus on issues that affect younger voters. You can sign up for the “Election 2019: Well-Versed” newsletter here.
We shared student questions with all of the political parties and received responses from Trudeau, Scheer, Singh, May, Bernier and others. You can access all of the questions and responses here.
Within the next week, we will also be launching the Vote Compass: Canada Youth Edition and Pollenize Canada 2019 tools. For those who have asked about these tools, we appreciate your patience.
Thank you again for participating, and for making this the biggest and best Student Vote program to date!