Week 3 Update: Comparing the Party Platforms and Preparing for the Leaders’ Debates

Category: Communications

With three weeks until election day, the political parties are doing everything they can to get their message out. Most of the parties have now announced their major commitments and the leaders are starting to prepare for next week’s leaders’ debates.
The English-language debate is scheduled for Monday, October 7, and the French-language debate is scheduled for Thursday, October 10. To help prepare for these debates, today’s newsletter shares a few tools and resources you can use in the classroom.
We are pleased to announce the launch of Pollenize Canada 2019, an online tool that breaks down the campaign promises made by the major parties on thirteen different election issues. CIVIX worked with Pollenize on the party platform research, and the parties received the opportunity to verify the information for accuracy.
Getting familiar with the key promises made by each party can make it easier to follow along with the debates and critically assess the performance of each party leader. Refer to Lesson 9 in the Elementary/Intermediate resource and Lesson 10 in the Secondary resource for activities related to researching the parties and platforms.
The ‘Elections Debates’ lesson in your Learning Resources book includes a variety of activities to help analyze the leaders’ debates, including a review of effective debating skills and faulty arguments.
To further support this learning, CIVIX has created a new animated educational video – “Logical Fallacies” – that outlines the types of flawed arguments  and how to be prepared to detect them. This video will be posted tomorrow on the Classroom Resources page, below the lesson plans.
The Leaders’ Debate Commission also has their own slate of resources to prepare your students for the debates. Their ‘why debates matter’ page includes videos outlining who is participating and why, a list of reasons why to watch a debate and tips for how to watch critically, and when and where to access the debates. A selection of shorter clips will be available on their website following the debates to allow for continued access and engagement.
The Debate Commission has a listing of leaders’ debate ‘livestream viewing parties’ taking place across the country at Cineplex theatres and other locations, if you have any students who would be interested in attending.
If your school is interested in organizing a viewing party of the leaders’ debates on the actual night or in the days following, please contact our team – we’d be happy to help, and/or provide financial support for refreshments.