Meet the Student Ambassador Network

This year, CIVIX is inaugurating a Student Ambassador Network to share what future voters throughout the country have to say about the 2015 federal election. The Student Ambassador Network is an online initiative that fosters dialogue among Canadian high school students with those outside of their own personal and political circles. 

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West Vancouver-Sunshine Coast-Sea to Sky Country, British Columbia

“Social justice and democracy have always been 2 of my favourite areas, and I believe that who we vote for and who the leader is can and will affect every Canadian’s life, and we young people should care. The reason I have chosen to become a Student Ambassador is that I want more young people to care about the future of our country.”

Guelph, Ontario

“I’m a vegan, lover of nature, hiking and camping, and I really care about the environment! I decided to become a Student Ambassador because I believe it is extremely important to get young people informed on the topics having to do with our election, and to get youth interested in politics and issues that matter to them. Most of all I think it is extremely important that all Canadians use the voice they are given by voting.”

Wellington-Halton Hills, Ontario

“I was introduced to the [Student Ambassador Network] through my Grade 12 law class. I have been really interested in politics the last few years and am especially excited for the upcoming election. I think the Student Ambassador Network is a really fun way to get involved while I’m still in high school. I’m really looking forward to sharing my thoughts!”

Battle River-Crowfoot, Alberta

“I’m always very busy with hockey and volleyball and studies and homework. I am 14 soon to be 15 and have a great interest in politics and standing for what is right for our federal government.”



Davenport, Ontario

“I consider myself a very opinionated individual, that believes in equal rights for everyone no matter who they are or their social standings. I spend the majority of my time reading, doing something school related or just spending some quality time with friends and family. I like to take chances when trying new things, which is one of the reasons I decided to join the Student Ambassador Network.”

“In the past I had no interest whatsoever in the government or the elections tied to it. However, ever since I started taking civics class this semester, I’ve realized the importance of learning about the governmental parties and what they stand for. Many people my age don’t care who could be running our country in a matter of months, so when taking this opportunity I wanted to bring awareness to our privilege of being part of a democratic society, and how much of an effect a new Prime Minister (or re-electing the same one) will cause our country.”

Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry, Ontario

“I enjoy playing guitar, playing soccer and reading. I chose to become a Student Ambassador because I have an interest in politics and the future of my country. I recently began Grade 10 and one of my classes this year is civics. I instantly took an interest in learning how our government works. I have watched federal debates and informed myself on what ideas the political parties have for our country. My teacher noticed my interest and introduced me to this program. I signed up because I want to be further involved in our country’s politics.”

Oakville North-Burlington, Ontario

“Politics has always been a passion of mine, so when my political science teacher suggested being a Student Ambassador I couldn’t resist. Often young people feel like their voices are not being heard, but by voting or being involved with a campaign such as [Student Vote] all that can change. This upcoming federal election will impact the lives of young people all across Canada, so it’s important to get involved, be informed and let your voice be heard.”

Haliburton-Kawartha Lakes-Brock, Ontario

“I have had many ideas and opinions about political issues but they have unfortunately gotten no farther than discussions with my teachers. Now that I have an avenue to express my views I feel much more confident and inspired to reach out and share. At heart, I am a socialist. Not a hardcore communist- but socialist enough to believe in absolute equality. Social, class, and financial equality are very important issues that I feel need to be addressed by our government. For too long the Harper government has neglected these issues in hopes that they would disappear but any good politician knows that problems don’t disappear, they merely get put off with a temporary band-aid and empty promises. I am an avid supporter of the Green Party, as it seems like Elizabeth May is the only candidate who isn’t afraid to speak the truth. I look forward to sharing more of my political opinions in the upcoming weeks. Thank you again for making this possible!”

Leeds-Grenville-Thousand Islands and Rideau Lakes, Ontario

“I was interested in a co-op program that led me into a grade 10 civics class. As my interest in politics grew stronger, I wanted to get myself involved. I was then made aware that I could become a Student Ambassador and grew to be very excited. I am honoured to have been able to take part in this initiative.”

Simcoe North, Ontario

“My favorite classes are Art and civics. I decided to become a student ambassador because I have always been interested in the elections and I feel this is a great way to get involved.”


Prince Albert, Saskatchewan

“I chose to become a Student Ambassador because the results of this upcoming election affect me more than any previous election. Although I can’t vote, I want to make my voice heard. I want to see changes to the way youth issues are addressed in Canadian politics, and I believe making my voice heard is the most powerful way I can help. Young people in Canada don’t want to be bankrupted by their post-secondary ambitions, and I wanted to be a part of a network that will highlight the issues that impact me as a young adult. I also chose to be a Student Ambassador because I believe my experience as a volunteer at my local hospital has shaped my views on many political issues. Since many young people do not have much experience in a medical or continuing care setting, I felt it was important that I take on this role. Issues in healthcare need to be discussed by everyone, and I want to get students and politicians talking.”


Vancouver Granville, British Columbia

“I count myself lucky to have been raised in an environment where involvement in politics was valued and encouraged, both by my parents and teachers. As a result I’ve been politically aware for as long as I can remember, and it’s shaped me and my interests. I’m passionate about public dialogue and debate, drawing inspiration from the work of journalists and political thinkers such as George Orwell and Christopher Hitchens. I believe strongly in the role of a free press as part of a fair and open democracy. More than anything, it’s my strong sense of justice that draws me to be a Student Ambassador – I consider contributing to a free society by speaking my mind and challenging what I consider to be wrong a high calling, and it excites me like nothing else.”

Prince Albert, Saskatchewan

“I chose to participate in the [Student Ambassador Network] because I believe that every chance to participate in our democracy is important and should be taken. I want to see a return to the days when people, not just the political class, got passionate about politics because they saw it as a way to change their lives for the better. That starts by having average, everyday people of all conditions and circumstances take part in our democracy and get involved, for it is a way to change our lives for the better.”


Kitchener-Conestoga, Ontario

“Although my schedule is fairly busy, I still like to keep track of events/issues currently going on in the world. This includes of course, elections. I have come to realize that young people of my age bracket have little to no experience in what elections are, or what they entail. Which is quite scary considering these youth hold the future of Canada in their hands. I have chosen to become a Student Ambassador, not only for the great opportunity, but also to help inform other youth of my age of politics currently going on in Canada. Voting is such an important and vital part of our society, and education on this matter is extremely impertinent. Even if youth like myself are too young to vote, they can take the information they learned and inform their parents and family members about who they should vote for, followed by a list of reasons why. I look forward to becoming a Student Ambassador, and relaying Canada’s political stands to the youth of Canada.”


Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke, Ontario

“I’ve been involved in politics since a young age, and have volunteered on several election campaigns. I chose to become a Student Ambassador for many reasons. I enjoy politics, it’s a way to have my voice heard, it’s a way to hear the voices and opinions of others my age, and because I am a future voter. Being an Ambassador challenges me to keep up-to-date on political happenings and allows me to share and see opinions about them.”


Red Deer-Lacombe, Alberta

“I have been a competitive archer for around 7 years. Recently I have started coaching and I am currently in the process of becoming a certified coach. My other interests include competitive collectible card games and, obviously, politics. This leads me to where stand politically. Currently I most closely identify with the ideologies that would be considered to be located on the center left of the political spectrum. I’m extremely passionate, at times maybe a little too passionate in the ways I express myself, on issues related to educational system as I believe this system to be the foundation of society.”

Lanark-Frontenac-Kingston, Ontario

“I am interested in Politics, Economics, and issues that affect Canadians. Additionally, I enjoy debating and discussing politics with others, and encourage you to do the same. I became a Student Ambassador because I think all Canadians should be aware of current affairs concerning our country, and should participate in our great democracy by voting and by speaking up for the matters that affect them the most. So this fall, let your voice be heard. Vote!”

Kitchener South-Hespeler, Ontario

“I am a Canadian citizen, who immigrated to Canada with my family for the opportunity to attain a better future. Coming from a family with deep roots and ties with the government, politics and the legal system is a very prevalent part of my life. I wanted to become a Student Ambassador because I am very passionate about contributing to the political dialogue that will eventually shape our country. The voting turnout in Canada, especially in regards to the younger demographic has been declining for many years and it’s disappointing especially considering how much of a privilege it is to have a voice in your government. As a Student Ambassador I want to educate and encourage other students to participate in these electoral discussions and become engaged in what is happening in our country, as in the next few years it will be our responsibility to ensure that this country continues to prosper.”


Vancouver South, British Columbia

“I’m a diehard hockey and soccer fan, raised alongside 5 brothers. I love everything art and fashion as well as politics and history. I’m a human rights activist and a feminist, standing for the rights of our people and our woman. I’ve chosen to become a Student Ambassador because I know this is a great opportunity for young people like myself to get our voices heard while they seem to be always trampled by political candidates. They see us as an unimportant opinion, but I find that absolutely incorrect and would love to be able to prove them wrong. The youth speaks the truth, and it’s time for everyone to realize that we know what’s going on, and that we care.”



Kitchener South- Hespeler, Ontario

“I have a strong passion for mathematics and art. I first dove into the political discussion when I was in grade eight and I read books enlightening me about the state of our environment and civil rights around the world and across Canada. I joined the CIVIX Student Ambassador Network because I wanted to challenge myself to be more involved in Canadian politics. Many people in my generation are so concerned with being cool, afraid of appearing nerdy or pretentious. I want to set an example for my peers – that it’s cool to be enthusiastic about politics, elections, and social justice.”

Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke , Ontario

“As a student, I have seen how our current government and the official opposition have failed to engage young voters in politics while, at the same time, I have seen the Liberal Party of Canada open its doors wide to young people and their friends. Liberals understand the issues of our generation and have a concrete plan for #RealChange when it comes to issues of importance to us. As a very politically engaged student, I am heavily engaged in my local Liberal campaign and wish to see change in our government come October 19th, 2015! This is why I have chosen to become a [Student] Ambassador – to increase youth engagement within my community and across the country!” 


Gaspésie-Les Îles-de-la-Madeleine, Québec

“Si je souhaitais devenir ambassadeur, c’est simple : je suis un véritable mordu d’histoire et surtout de politique. Alors devenir ambassadeur, c’est une occasion en or de pouvoir m’exprimer en pleine campagne électorale sur des sujets qui me passionnent. J’espère d’ailleurs transmettre ma passion à d’autres jeunes, ou du moins les informer sur les enjeux importants de cette campagne afin qu’ils puissent faire un choix éclairé lors du vote étudiant.”


Lanark-Frontenac-Kingston, Ontario

“I recently became a Student Ambassador because I feel that it is important for youth to be involved in today’s society. I have a wide range of experience in many areas, especially those involved with school and community involvement.  I feel that my experience as an elementary school leader, as well as, my leadership within the community as a sports captain/coach and a community public speaker have given me great people skills that could be translated well into the Student Ambassador role.  I look forward to this forum and take pride in being a part of today’s youth.  I believe the young people of today can make a difference both locally and internationally and my message to today’s youth is to stay strong and show pride in yourself and your community. Together we can, and will make a difference!”



Battlefords-Lloydminster, Saskatchewan

“I have always had a keen interest in politics. It’s something that has always drawn me in and interested me while others may find the topic to be boring. As a student, I always try to be as involved as I can; such as attending meetings that talk about how our government can improve our education. When I was offered this opportunity, I took it immediately because the idea of my voice being heard and taken into account, is something that is of the utmost importance to me.”

Sarnia-Lambton, Ontario

“I chose to be a Student Ambassador because I feel that this election, and politics in general, is important and should not only be important to adults. I want to be politically educated and show Canada that young people can also have a say in what goes on in our country, even if we are not “eligible voters”. I’m very excited to be a Student Ambassador and I can’t wait to be heard by the general public in this election.”


Oakville North-Burlington, Ontario

“I am a intelligent, reliable, respectful student who loves to take on challenges and wants to make a difference in our society. I have chosen to be a Student Ambassador for I believe that my contributions can change people’s perspectives and bring about new shift to our nation.”


Brampton East, Ontario

“I really like technology and working with computers that goes anywhere from animations and graphics design, to technical things like programming and writing applications. I won the technology award at my middle school and I am in school clubs relating to technology. I am into sports such as hockey, soccer, and I play on the school table tennis team. I have also been playing piano for about 9 years and I have completed Grade 5 piano for the Royal Conservatory of Music.”

“I chose to be a Student Ambassador because the idea of having a voice in my country’s politics before I am 18 sounds intriguing. I was introduced to CIVIX when I was chosen to fly to Ottawa for the Student Budget Consultation with Minister Kevin Sorenson. I learned a lot about politics and how our government works, as a result I am honoured to be providing a political viewpoint as a Student Ambassador to other students across Canada. As a Student Ambassador, I will be a big influence to Canadian youth since I am in a similar age group as them. They will care more about politics if students are interested rather than just adults. I want to help Canadians under 18 become aware of how important politics is and to be a voice representing the concerns of students to the Canadian political parties.”

Markham-Stouffville, Ontario

“Being a high school student, I know that many of the youth today are not interested in Canadian politics. Not because they don’t care, but because they don’t know. They are unaware of what to care about, and how this really does affect their future. By being a student ambassador of CIVIX I hope to instil an interest in the youth of tomorrow. I hope that by reading my tweets and posts, my peers are able to gain an understanding of the Canadian political system, and why it is important to care.”

Brampton South, Ontario

“I have chosen to become a Student Ambassador due to various reasons, such as having the skills and knowledge to openly debate current political issues. Furthermore, as a Student Ambassador, I wish to express candid thoughts during my debates in order to ensure that the unheard voices of future voters are truthfully heard concerning the changes we want and need. As an Ambassador, I hope to intrigue my mind with further political issues taking place globally. I want to ensure that individuals are aware of the occurrences happening out of their own town, province, and country. Moreover, choosing to become an Ambassador surpasses the learning that takes place within the walls of a classroom. In conclusion, as a Student Ambassador I would like to leave a positive and thought-provoking impact with those whom I converse with.”

Kitchener Centre, Ontario

“I am a diverse person with a unique personality. I have played many sports in and out of high school, including hockey, soccer, volleyball, golf, badminton and tennis. I have a keen interest in math and politics. My obsession with politics started in Grade 8 when I participated in the Page Program at Queen’s Park for 3 weeks. While doing this, I served all 106 members of provincial parliament in various ways, and was able to grasp onto how politics actually work.” 

Chatham-Kent-Leamington, Ontario

“I enjoy many Arts and Drama extracurricular activities at my school. I chose to become a Student Ambassador because I want to get involved with politics. I want to see what goes on in elections and get a sense of how they really work from a perspective greater than Civics class. I am exited to be a part of this and I hope I’ll be able to contribute as much as possible.



Vaughan-Woodbridge, Ontario

“I like watching different sport and activities. I like to play hockey, basketball, volleyball and Ultimate Frisbee, and I also watch some of the same sports as well. I won a couple of awards in sports for winning a tournament or coming in second place. I like being social and talking to different people and making new friends. I like to ride my bike to different places and parks and I like to bike around the city.”     

“The reason why I choose to become a Student Ambassador is because it’s a great opportunity to understand the life of politics. I like it because I understand the political aspects of how the government deals with the country. I really like watching the debates and seeing what our country has to really offer in a political point of view. If I was able to vote, I would do it in a matter of a heartbeat. To be able to run a great country you need great determination and you need to say your points and prove how it will go to great use. Also, you need to actually commit to your promises and do them. I am happy to see our generation starting to be more into the politics.”

Cumberland-Colchester, Nova Scotia

“I currently work as a lifeguard, and plan on going to university somewhere in The Maritimes in the fall. I chose to become a Student Ambassador because I am passionate about what is happening in Canada, and care about how Canadian citizens are affected. I feel that it’s crucial for people of all ages to think about how our country’s decisions will affect daily living, and how the decisions our country makes affects life in and out of Canada. Despite not being of the age to vote, I want to contribute to Canada’s democracy, and do my best to promote others’ participation.”  


Langley Aldergrove, British Columbia

“I’ve chosen to become a Student Ambassador because I care deeply about politics and would like others to be aware of the issues at hand in this election campaign. I would like for my fellow students to become more involved in the political process, as the decisions made by the next government will have an impact on them, whether they will feel that immediately or not. It’s their responsibility to choose the political party who they feel best represents their interests. They won’t be able to exercise that responsibility, however, if they don’t know anything about the election.” 


Dartmouth-Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia

I work part-time at Walmart, I’ve been in Sea Cadets for 5 years, and I just recently started enjoying politics because of my spectacular history teacher. I chose to sign up as a Student Ambassador because I’m one of the lead MC’s at our Student Vote ceremony on October 13th at Prince Andrew High School. I am very excited to be involved in this great program and I hope that all goes super well.”


Brampton West, Ontario

“I enjoy music, clothing and the news. I am very passionate when it comes to my political stances and enjoy debating my classmates. I am currently taking a politics course and my teacher suggested I register to be a Student Ambassador and I was very excited to be a part of the Student Vote.”


Calgary Nose Hill, Alberta

“I’ve always had a passion for Social Studies, and that passion has been intensified during my learning of the most recent 30 level curriculum. Political systems and decisions are so complex, and I always wished I could voice my opinion and make a difference. By being a Student Ambassador, I am able to have my voice heard and have a say in Canadian politics, even though I am not yet a voter.”


Leeds-Grenville-Thousand Islands and Rideau Lakes, Ontario

“Grade 10 and living life as an Agent of Change! I have spent a lot of my time involved in local and global projects. I have received the Presidential Environmental Youth Award from President Obama for my work on the BP oil spill clean up, have been named a TVO Kids SuperCitizen, have been featured in Owl Magazine and have collected 1000 pounds of aluminum cans for Habitat for Humanity.”

“I have a passion for the political process and a desire to make positive change. In September 2013, I served as a Legislative Page at Queen’s Park for a period of 5 weeks.  In May 2015, I was appointed to the Minister’s Student Advisory Council (MSAC) and am now ‘Speaking Up’ with other students across Ontario to help shape the education system and boost student engagement.”

“All of these opportunities have provided me with the experience I need to be an effective, engaged and enthusiastic #futurevoter!”


Cowichan-Malahat-Langford, British Columbia

“I could tell you that I’m called Avery and that I’m seventeen years old, but I bet I’m not the only one. I might add that I’m a young campaign volunteer in my local riding, which is more to the point. I might even say that I hope to study Sociology or Creative Writing in university, which shows my concern about the future. Here, though, is the most important thing: I’m one of many young Canadians out there  who are following the current election; curious, intent, and immensely frustrated that our voices won’t be heard on voting day. Whether we’re missing the age cut-off by a few months, two weeks, or maybe even a few days, we all feel the same way. Some, like myself, have stepped out and into the political game anyway, by volunteering for a local candidate. Others are more reserved, but still earnest. This is why I have become a Student Ambassador in my school,  to show society and my community that the youth of Canada care.”


Selkirk-Interlake-Eastman or Selkirk, Manitoba

“I chose to be a Student Vote Ambassador because I am a passionate advocate for human rights globally as well as locally. I believe politics plays a large role in this subject and I want to spread awareness to young and future voters about the issues that Canada faces. I want to show that your vote does make a difference.”

Selkirk-Interlake-Eastman, Manitoba

“I’ve had an interest in politics for years, and now, I have a chance to engage others in my passion. I chose to become a student ambassador because today’s youth in Canada don’t have the opportunity to voice their opinions and ideas, and I want to be a part of that change. Starting now, the CIVIX team and Student Vote are making sure our voices are heard, which they need to be. Today, we are students, learners. Tomorrow, we are teachers and leaders. I figure that this is our best place to start, and I can’t wait to see where it takes me, and the other leaders of Canada’s future.“

Vaughan-Woodbridge, Ontario

“I tend to focus on the future and have a great deal of aspirations and expectations for myself. I have chosen to become a Student Ambassador because I feel as though as the future of our country, myself and those alike, share many great ideas and values with regards to politics that can be expressed and taken into consideration. It is great preparation to be an informed voter, as we are fortunate to live in a democratic society where our opinions will truly count in the near future.”


Perth-Wellington, Ontario

“Getting into politics was natural for me, as I have always felt strongly about what I believe in. The environment, the economy, and transparency in government are some of the most important focuses in this election, which are all issues that I am extremely passionate about. I’m tired of hearing the generalizing statement that “youth are apathetic”. I believe that we as youth have the power to really make a difference. Aside from this, I want to grow up in a Canada not governed by fear. I want to grow up in a Canada that believes in a better future. I’m ready for real change.”

Dartmouth-Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia

“I have chose to become a Student Ambassador because I want youth to have a say in how decisions are made across our country. I want youth to be involved because I believe that we make our democracy stronger.”


Oakville North-Burlington, Ontario

“This 2015 election has inspired me to become a youth activist and engage others. I lead canvasses for Pam Damoff, the Liberal candidate I’m my riding of Oakville-North Burlington. I’m very passionate about my country and hope to one day make a difference in the political world. I want to get youth engaged and informed so that one day we realize that  we all have a voice, and our vote is important.”


Beaches-East York, Ontario

“I’m a kind of a  weird kid who likes video games, food, and watching movies. I chose to become a part of the Student Ambassadors Network because politics has always been a thing that I’ve been interested in. I’ve been studying the world of politics and law for a few years now, and am hoping to do something with that, even if it’s just a volunteer opportunity. I’m also interested in history, which goes hand in hand with politics.”

Hull-Aylmer, Québec

“Je suis la co-présidente de l’instance municipale dédiée de la ville de Gatineau pour les jeunes, la Commission Jeunesse de Gatineau. Cette commission regroupe 26 jeunes motivés et impliqués voulant changer les idées préconçues sur la jeunesse et dédiée à dynamiser les jeunes de Gatineau. Ce réseau s’implante dans les 13 écoles secondaires de la ville, à raison de deux jeunes sélectionnés par école. Étant la représentante de la motivation, de l’intérêt politique et de l’implication des jeunes au sein de la municipalité, CIVIX est un projet idéal à représenter. Je suis une personne naturellement instruite et politisée d’où mon intérêt pour la politique que ce soit municipal, provincial ou national et même parfois, international. La politique explique le monde dans lequel nous vivons actuellement et la démocratie est un droit nous étant aujourd’hui irréfutable dans la société.”

Gaspésie-Les Îles-de-la-Madeleine, Québec

“J’ai une très grande intérêt à la politique contrairement a beaucoup de jeunes. Je possède moi même ma propre avis sur cette campagne électoral. J’avais même participé au Tournois des jeunes démocrates 2014-2015. À mon avis je serai un parfait Ambassadeur étudiant, parce que, en premier lieu, mes votes ne serait pas faux. Mes votes serait digne d’un parfait citoyen Canadien intéressé et connaisseur de politique. En second lieu, j’aimerais grandement participé à cette campagne qui a comme but d’intéresser les jeunes à la politique et dans un second but, de forger les citoyens futurs.”


Kings-Hants, Nova Scotia

“My name is Robb Tupper, and I’m very excited to have been invited to participate in the grand forum that is the Student Ambassadors Network. I’ve always been very interested in the political and ideological landscape of Canada, and other countries around the world, and I’ve always especially been obsessed with everyone’s voices being heard. It seems to me like this network is a great way to make that happen, and I’m feeling enthusiastic about this new form of expression.”


Cypress Hills-Grasslands, Saskatchewan

“For the longest time, the thought of politics bored me to tears. I was quite content to allow the “grown-ups” to deal with the issues and to ensure that our best interests were the priority of the government. But quite recently, I learned that if we, as the future of our country, don’t stand up and voice our concerns, nothing will change. I chose to become a Student Ambassador because I believe that, as of now, the youth of our country does not matter enough to the government and it is our responsibility to remind the government that we, the youth, are the future of this nation, and deserve to be heard.”


Kitchener Centre

“As co-president of my school’s politics club, I am passionate about teaching youth the way that politics affects their lives. I hope to use my role as a CIVIX Student Ambassador to increase political engagement among my peers and raise awareness for issues that are important to youth.”


“As a youth myself, I understand that a lot of young people feel like they don’t have a say in the elections. I know this because I used to be one of them. I also know that it is really the furthest thing from the truth. Youth have continuously been disengaged and disregarded in many consecutive elections. For that reason the power that youth actually have has been severely underestimated not only by everyone else, including politicians, but by the youth themselves. I firmly believe that if all young people not only become more educated on, but also more interested in politics then we have the ability to change the future. For that reason, I have decided to become a Student Ambassador. I hope that by engaging others in my own interest for this election, I can also instill a sense of understanding and passion in those around me.”



Winnipeg South Centre, Manitoba

“I have a brother and a sister who are both younger than me. I am interested in sports statistics and pretty much any sport. I like to play baseball and hockey. My favorite subject in school is History. My History teacher is the person who encouraged me to join the Student Ambassador Network. I play Tenor Saxophone in the Senior Jazz Band at my school. I was also involved in the musical that we put on last year, Guys and Dolls. During the summer I enjoy camping with my family and going to camp, hopefully next summer I will be working at camp.”


Gaspésie-Les Îles-de-la-Madeleine, Québec

“J’ai décidé d’être ambassadeur étudiant car je trouve que ce projet est une excellente idée pour inclure les jeunes dans la politique, de nos jours les jeunes deviennent de moins en moins intéressés par la politique et tous ce qui touche le gouvernement, ceci est un moyen intelligent pour aider a les inclures de plus en plus à la politique.”

“De plus les étudiants sont présentement pour la plus part en court d’histoire et éducation à la citoyenneté, ils sont donc plus informés que certains adultes pour qui le cours d’histoire est bien loin dans leurs mémoire, certain étudiant sont donc plus apte a voté que la plupart des adultes mal informés. Voilà pourquoi je soutient le vote étudiant.”

Gaspésie-Les Îles-de-la-Madeleine, Québec

“Je voulais être ambassadeur parce que je m’intéresse a la politique et tout ce qui en suit! Je trouve sa intéressant de savoir ce qui se passe dans le pays ou ma province! J’aime bien avoir mon opinion politique et donner mon point de vue.”

Gaspésie-Les Îles-de-la-Madeleine, Québec

“J’ai voulu devenir ambassadeur étudiant, car depuis le début de l’année, notre professeur d’histoire nous sensibilisé à la politique. Ce sujet, qui ne m’intéressait pas du tout auparavant, m’intéresse de plus en plus. Aussi, je suis une féministe et une écologiste. J’espère que par le réseau des ambassadeurs étudiants je réussirai à véhiculer mes idées à ce sujet.”

Victoria, British Columbia

“I have lived in Victoria my whole life and one day wish to run in this riding. I have loved and been interested in politics since my teacher in Grade 3 teacher first uttered the word. She told us all about what our parliament did and what positions it had. Most kids were bored out of their minds, but I sat there eagerly writing notes. Once she mentioned the Prime Minister, I just knew that one day that is what I wanted to be.”

“In that class we ran an election. I ran on the platform of increasing taxes and protecting our oceans, and my opponent promised longer recess. She won. I then formed a coalition with my friends and we formed parliament while my teacher stood there not knowing what to say.”

“I think that getting youth interested and engaged in politics even before they can vote is crucial to making Canada better and more informed. I am really excited to be a Student Ambassador, so I can raise awareness about voting and other issues in Canada.”

West Vancouver-Sunshine Coast-Sea to Sky Country, British Columbia

“When my Social Justice teacher told me about this I was so excited! I’m involved with British Columbia Youth Parliament (a non-partisan youth organization) and Model United Nations. I think it’s so important to be active and aware of political surroundings. Youth involvement and empowerment is something I’m really passionate about, so having the opportunity to be an Ambassador is very exciting and I hope to learn even more about the election! Another cool thing is that I applied to work at this year’s election as an information officer. I think that will be a really cool experience. Apart from all of that, I live in Squamish, BC where I love to mountain bike, read and plan events. I’ve been in Air Cadets for five years and work at a pizza restaurant. I hope to stay politically involved and study political science or international relations when I go to university.”

Cypress Hills-Grasslands, Saskatchewan

“I enjoy playing sports. My favourite sport is volleyball, both to play and watch. I also love the outdoors and I will not pass up an opportunity to travel. I am proud to be a Canadian since I am able to explore the country’s beauty from coast to coast. Finally, it wouldn’t hurt to travel the world, complete a university degree, and continue being myself.I was nominated by a couple of my teachers to be a Student Ambassador, I agreed to participate because current events and Canadian politics interest me.”

Edmonton West, Alberta

“I’m interested in everything political! My favourite topics in politics are security, foreign policy and societal issues. I’ve decided to become a Student Ambassador because of my unnaturally strong interest in politics. I found that putting my interest in politics to use would be beneficial for myself and the community.”


Nicholas KlidNicholas
Hamilton West-Ancaster-Dundas, Ontario

“I am primarily interested in social science courses such as economics, law and business studies, but I also enjoy playing lead trumpet in the senior jazz band and wind symphony. I am heavily involved in extracurricular activities and have accumulated in excess of 340 community service hours from participation in the community jazz band, volunteering at the Oakville Public Library and at various school events. My favourite extracurricular activity would be Model UN mainly because I enjoy debating foreign policy and researching issues ranging from humanitarian crises to military strategy. Since joining the team in grade eight, I have progressed and grown as a delegate which is why I am currently one of two Co-Head Delegates of the HSC Model United Nations team which has been my goal since joining the team in middle school. In regards to sports, I play recreational ice hockey year-round and enjoy playing as part of a team which has helped build my teamwork skills and develop good sportsmanship attributes.”

“I was particularly interested in taking on the role as Student Ambassador for my school because I am passionate about politics and am looking to better understand Canada’s electoral system. Since assuming this prestigious leadership role, I have enjoyed working with dedicated and passionate classmates that have supported me and have kept the vote running smoothly which is imperative to ensuring that students are engaged and participate in the vote. I am becoming increasingly excited as Election Day approaches and I look forward to educating students about the importance of voting and being involved in Canada’s democracy.”


Willowdale, Ontario

“I enjoy every subject in school and am extremely curious about Space, History and Politics.  I feed my curiosities through many different sources, my family, books and the world wide web.  Discussing Space with my Physicist Grandfather or Politics with my Father have always been great wonders for me since an early age.  When learning a new topic or analyzing a concept I always look to review and understand multiple different perspectives so that I can reduce biases and come up with my own opinion, or in simple terms seeing the world through many different lenses.  I have chosen to become a Student Ambassador so that I can be an active member of the political community, be helpful to my local community and an inspiration to not only my generation but future ones too.”  



North Okanagan-Shuswap, British Columbia

“I usually spend most of my time reading or writing. I chose to become a Student Ambassador because I thought it would be a great opportunity to be more involved.”



Steveston-Richmond East, British Columbia

“My favourite thing to do on rainy days is to read books upon books. I love books because one can very easily escape in them, and they take you places you never thought you would go. During sunny days, I love hanging out with my friends and family. One can say that I am an eager beaver. I love helping people out and working hard. Similarly, I am ambitious too. When I set my mind toward achieving something, I push until I have my goals. More importantly, I enjoy the simple things in life. I feel that being happy is a state of mind, and I don’t think people should settle for less than they deserve.”

“I have chosen to become a Student Ambassador because I am one of those people who is not afraid to voice their thoughts and express their opinions. I think I should have a say in who is going to become the leader of my country. I may not be able to vote in this election, but I would still like to articulate who I want the Prime Minister of Canada to be.”


Beauséjour, New Brunswick

I have chose to become a Student Ambassador not only for my love for politics, but also because [politics] runs in my family. My grandfather ran for premier of New Brunswick in 1970s.”


Kitchener Centre, Ontario

“I have been involved in several community events to protest against the Line 9 pipeline, walked with the First Nations people to tell the world about their struggles, and am a committed volunteer to the Kitchener-Waterloo Poetry Slam (KWPS) with my older sister, the co-founder of the Poetry Slam. I have chosen to become a Student Ambassador because I want to hear more talk about politics in our student community and talk about more serious issues with my friends and classmates.”


Olivia Olivia
Oxford, Ontario

“I am a member of Student Council and I co-run the Healthy Schools Club at my school. Law and Politics are very important to me. I think it’s very important for people to learn about the candidates in their riding and to be informed on who they could be voting for. I became a CIVIX Student Ambassador because I want to create good voting habits in future voters so that when they are able to vote, they will be informed and they will continue to vote in the future.” 


Edmonton West, Alberta

“I am of full Latin descent and am a first-generation Canadian in my family. I have a passion for social studies and politics, planning to pursue a career in this. This year I have chosen to be part of the Student Vote process and a Student Ambassador in my school. I decided to step up to the plate this time around because of my want for change. Everyone has a voice, and I wanted to make mine heard. My parents left their home countries because of a civil war and poverty. I’ve been raised with a love and gratefulness for my home country. I know and have seen all the good it has done for millions of families seeking help and refuge. I want to help the students in my school to get involved and practice voting for a new future in Canada.”


Langley-Aldergrove, British Columbia

“Activities I love partaking in include hiking, reading, travelling, photography, and spending time with friends and family. I am also passionate about the government and Canadian politics, which is why I chose to participate in the CIVIX Student Ambassador Network. I believe that it is important for youth to be aware of their country’s government system and who their leader is. The CIVIX program is great for involving teenagers in politics and the election, which is why I was so excited when I had the opportunity to become a Student Ambassador.”                


Winnipeg South Centre, Manitoba

“I am a lover of coffee, learning new things, basketball and adventures. I first heard about the Student Ambassador program from my Canadian History teacher. I thought it sounded like a really neat opportunity and decided to find out more about it. What really drew me to the program is the fact that the lowest demographic of voters are the youngest people in Canada. I think if while we’re still in high school we learn more about the election and voting process, it will encourage students to vote. That is why I got involved.”

Anna MiedemaAnna 
Kitchener Centre, Ontario

“I chose to be a Student Ambassador because even though i’m not 18 and can’t officially vote yet, I still want my voice heard. I also want other young people to realize the incredible gift we have here in Canada that we are even allowed to vote. Many people around the world would give anything to have this opportunity. Since we are privileged enough to be able to vote, I believe it is everyone’s responsibility to do so! I strongly believe that a better tomorrow starts today. Decisions are being made today by our government that will affect the world that we will grow up and live in. I say no one is ever too young to have their voice heard so I choose to start now and help elect leaders what will make our country be the best it can possibly be.”


Grace FriesenGrace 
Winnipeg North, Manitoba

“I have chosen to become a Student Ambassador because I want the voices of youth to be heard in politics. Also I just really love politics!”



Gaspésie-Les Îles-de-la-Madeleine, Québec

“On m’a demandé de me décrire en quelques mots: les gens disent de moi que je suis une personne impliquée qui aime faire de son milieu, un endroit plaisant mais surtout, facile à vivre. Étant député du parlement étudiant de mon école, je considère important de promouvoir la démocratie auprès des jeunes. Je pense sincèrement que nous ( les adolescents ) pouvons faire la différence et ainsi changer les choses! Pour terminer, je trouve dommage qu’encore aujourd’hui, plusieurs jeunes ne s’intéressent aucunement  à la politique et je suis heureuse de fair partie d’un organisme comme celui-ci, qui veille à la rendre interessante pour nous citoyens à en devenir.”



Carleton, Ontario

“Curieuse et passionnée de la vie, elle s’est découvert une nouvelle passion pour la vie politique. Engagée et sportive, elle adore être au courant de se qui se passe dans le monde. De plus, elles adore travailler avec les enfants.”

“Je voulais être une ambassadrice étudiante puisque j’ai beaucoup d’opinion sur la politique mais, nulle part je me sens à l’aise de les partager. De plus, il s’agit d’une chance plutôt hors du commun que je ne voulais pas laisser passer.”



Gaspésie-Les Îles-de-la-Madeleine, Québec

“Je m’intéresse à la politique et je vais participer au vote étudiant avec ma classe. Je voulais être un ambassadeur pour m’impliquer plus et surtout en apprendre plus sur la politique et donner mon avis sur les élections.”



Mississauga-Lakeshore, Ontario

“As a Russian, I know something about unfair elections. In my home country, the biggest problem that elections face is the percentage of people who actually show up to vote. In Moscow there was recently an election for the new mayor and only 31% of legal voters showed up. A similar thing happened during our last election for the President of Russia. Only a little over half of the eligible population actually voted. This causes another major problem: a lot of times the people who hold the election in certain areas will take the votes of the people who did not show up and just mark their votes by themselves (most probably to the same party we have ruling right now).”

“The other problem is how often superiors make people who work under them in the big companies vote for the party that the company wants to win. Those workers are usually threatened by firing and, because they live in such poor areas of Russia, they might simply not find another job. So, in order to feed their families, they will do what they are told to do. These are not just some stories without any proof – how often do you see a 70% vote in favor of just one party in a fair election?”

“This is the reason that I wanted to become a Student Ambassador – to decrease the chance of this situation happening in any other elections anywhere in the world. This unfairness affects not only the people of my country. If those elections had gone differently and fairly, perhaps there wouldn’t be a crisis in Ukraine as there is now. Perhaps, all those people would not suffer from the Civil War that is happening in the Eastern Ukraine. But for now, all I can do is hope that the next Russian election will be more just. I will make sure that nothing like this ever happens in Canada by educating my fellow peers about how the just elections are done and how the right to vote is also a responsibility.”


Mississauga-Erin Mills, Ontario

“I thought it would be fun to join the Student Ambassador Network because I have a huge interest in politics and also don’t feel like youth get involved as much as we should. Thus, I felt that this would be a beginning for me to meet people with similar interests as mine and hopefully get more people involved and interested in the topic.”


Lia LeeLia 
West Vancouver-Sunshine Coast-Sea to Sky Country, British Columbia

“My passion for politics, international relations, and social justice emerged from various experiences with Model United Nations. Over the past years, I’ve learned to appreciate education and opportunities – starting from joining Kindlers Society Organization to hosting the All-Candidates’ Meeting for my local schools, I strongly believe that it is extremely important to encourage youth to participate and engage more within the society. The combination of my passions and beliefs has resulted in the curiosity of understanding social dynamics. Politics is at the core of social dynamics – it’s everywhere. Whether one is going to school or simply conversing in a group of friends, politics exists in the complex and diverse ecosystem of ideas, desires, and communication. My curiosity has been my motivation to work hard, learn, and grow to become the person that I desire to be. Moreover, the CIVIX Student Ambassador role is a great step towards reaching the peak of a very tall mountain that I wish to reach.”


Desnethé-Missinippi-Churchill River, Saskatchewan

“My name is Aidan von Holwede and am currently enrolled in Spiritwood High School as a Grade 12 student. I am majorly into video games, piano, guitar, and various other forms of music. My history teacher approached me one afternoon and asked if I had any major engagements that needed attending. When I answered no, he then proposed that I should become one of our Student Ambassadors for the upcoming student election. I had always wished to learn more about politics and the issues in our everyday lives, so I accepted his gracious offer. I am hoping that this experience will allow me to learn the business aspect of politics.”


Desnethé-Missinippi-Churchill River, Saskatchewan

“I decided to become a Student Ambassador when my history  teacher approached us. I made this decision because I want to be involved in this step, which shapes the future of our country. I wanted to help our student body see how these elections are important and I want to have a hand in helping in the polls. I am very excited for our Student Vote and hope to be able to make a difference to the students and how they view elections.”


Pitt Meadows-Maple Ridge, British Columbia

“I love to play all kinds of sports, especially dance, soccer, track and field, and triathlon. My parents have taught me about politics from a young age, but I know not every kid gets that opportunity so I chose to become a Student Ambassador and help teach the people around me about how to make a difference.”

Richmond Hill, Ontario

“I have chosen to become a Student Ambassador because it will be a new experience for me and this election is interesting with the variety of perspectives on different party platforms, such as raising or lowering taxes. This makes it harder for me to decide who would I vote for this election, and also this could be the first time I could be voting for a Prime Minister (through Student Vote) as I grew up in a country that was ruled by a monarchy for nearly my entire life.”

Gaspésie-Les Îles-de-la-Madeleine, Québec

“Je m’intéresse à la politique parce que je trouve fondamental le fait que nous, les jeunes, s’informons et s’instruisons à ce niveau qui est, en d’autres mots, la base de notre avenir. La politique peut sembler difficile d’analyse et la compréhension de celle-ci peut paraitre insensé pour cause des différentes façon de procéder mais c’est le même principe que n’importe quel jeu dialectique donc je me suis dit que ce ne doit pas être si difficile. Je trouve que peu de gens s’en intéresse donc je veux en apprendre davantage, me cultiver et m’instruire. C’est pour cette raison que je me suis inscrite. J’ai 15 ans, je viens de la Gaspésie, plus précisément à l’extrémité de la Baie des Chaleurs et je m’intéresse de plus en plus à l’histoire depuis l’année passée. Merci!”


I am a writer. I like to write anything from journalist reports, to poetry, to speeches. In my free time I like to listen to music, discover the city around me and document it all along the way. I enjoy examining society and what we have come to collectively and individually. In my work I also like to see how we can create stronger human bonds, eliminate inequality, and educate each other, which is exactly why I was drawn to this Student Ambassador opportunity.  A few issues I feel very strongly about are women’s rights, racism and prejudice against people of color, the economy and global poverty. Anderson Cooper is also such an important role model to me and I look up to him in so much of the work I do, often asking WWACD (What would Anderson Cooper Do)? I’m looking forward to where this opportunity takes my fellow classmates and I, and I am ready for it as I know this only the beginning. 

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