Student Vote Newsletter #1: September 15

We are now past the mid-way point of the 2015 federal election and the excitement continues to build. More than 5,500 schools across Canada are now participating in this year’s Student Vote, and we expect more to join us before registrations close on September 30.
The next leaders’ debate is hosted by the Globe and Mail and takes place on Thursday evening. The debate will focus on the economy and includes Harper, Mulcair and Trudeau.
You can watch the debate on the Globe website, through YouTube and on CPAC. It will be available online, if you wanted to review it with your class on Friday.
The Globe and Mail is also our content partner for this election and we have created three short videos featuring veteran political journalist Jane Taber. Jane provides an introduction to the leaders and the election, and a backgrounder for the upcoming leaders’ debate. You can watch them here:

These will hopefully provide a brief and interesting way to start your students thinking about the election, and Thursday’s debate.
Many teachers have also asked us about the four educational videos listed in the activity resource and campaign guide. They are being finalized now and will be posted to our website later this week. 
We hope you are enjoying a great start to the school year. As always let us know how we can help.
On behalf of the CIVIX team

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