Student Vote Newsletter #2: September 22

The federal election is less than a month away and more than 6,000 schools across Canada are using Student Vote materials in their classrooms.

There is plenty of time left in the campaign to effectively implement the program and here are a few resources and ideas to improve student engagement.

Need to kick-start the Student Vote campaign? We have created an all-new series of animated educational videos that explain the basics of government and democracy, the right to vote, our three levels of government and how the Canadian electoral system works. These videos provide a great introduction to the lessons from your activity guide and complement the PowerPoints and other Student Vote materials.

You can watch all four videos here:

CIVIX is offering a special opportunity to participating secondary students for this election. We are inaugurating a Student Ambassador Network (SAN) to share what high school students across Canada have to say about the issues and events that matter to them in this election through social media. We will broadcast their interactions with us and each other to our national audience and curate highlights from every week.

If you have one young woman and/or one young man in your class who might be interested, please have them visit for more information.

As of this afternoon, more than 6,400 schools have registered for Student Vote from across the country. Can you help us reach our goal of 7,500?

Please feel free to tweet or post about the program on social media, or share posts from our accounts. If you know any teachers who might be interested in involving their class, send them here to register.

Please let us know if you have any questions. We’re here to help!

On behalf of the CIVIX team

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