Student Vote Newsletter #5: October 13

National Student Vote Week is here! We expect that more than 700,000 students will cast ballots from all 338 ridings over the next four days.

As you prepare to hold your vote, here are some important election reminders:

We invited all of the registered parties to submit video responses to our Party Leader Q & A. Thirteen leaders have responded so far to five questions from Canadian students on issues like refugees, the environment, leadership, the economy and taxes. You can view all the questions and responses here:

We’d love to see photos of Student Vote Day in action at your school. Tweet them to @studentvote and use the hashtag #studentvote15. We’ll provide a pizza lunch to the top ten submissions from across the country.

Details on how to submit your results are included with your ballots and will also be emailed tomorrow. The deadline for reporting results is 6pm onFriday, October 16. Remember that all results must be kept confidential until the close of official polls.

Please let us know if you have any questions. We’re here to help!

Dan and Adelina
On behalf of the CIVIX team

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