Green Party of New Brunswick

Party Leader: David Coon
Founded: 2008
Current Number of Seats: 1


The Green Party of New Brunswick was founded on November 15, 2008. The party supports the Global Green Charter and is aligned with other environmental parties worldwide.

On September 19, 2009, Jack MacDougall was acclaimed as the party leader.

MacDougall led the party during the 2010 provincial election. The party ran 49 candidates, however, failed to capture any seats.

In September 2011, MacDougall stepped down as the party leader and Greta Doucet was named as the Interim leader.

During the leadership convention in 2012, David Coon was elected as the party leader.

The party, under Coon’s leadership, ran 46 candidates during the 2014 provincial election.

Coon won in his riding of Fredericton South and received 30.7 per cent of the vote, making him the first elected Green MLA in New Brunswick history and just the third Green parliamentarian elected in Canada.