The Parties

Newfoundland and Labrador New Democratic Party

Party Leader: Alison Coffin
Founded: 1961
Current Number of Seats: 3


Ed Finn led the CCF supported NDP to the polls in 1961 but did not win any seats. From the early sixties until the early eighties the NDP had several leaders and ran candidates in several elections, but were not able to win any seats.

Peter Fenwick became the leader in 1981 and won the first NDP seat in the House of Assembly in a by-election in Menihek in Labrador.

Cle Newhook took over as leader in 1989 when Fenwick retired from politics. Jack Harris won a seat for the NDP in a 1990 by-election and succeeded Newhook as leader in 1992. Harris won his seat in Signal Hill-Quidi Vidi and was leader of the party until 2006.

Lorraine Michael won the leadership in 2006 and saw a large increase in votes in the 2011 election when the NDP became the official opposition.

Earle McCurdy became the new leader in 2015 but did not win his seat in the election that year. Gerry Rogers became the province’s first openly LGBT person to lead a political party in Newfoundland and Labrador but stepped down in 2019 leaving the acclaimed leader Alison Coffin to take the reigns. Under Coffin’s leadership the party won three seats in the 2019 election, despite running candidates in less than half of all ridings.

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