CIVIX organized several contests and prize draws to support engagement in the ORFV campaign, including school pizza parties, gift cards and a draw for an iPad or iPhone. The deadline for submissions was June 15, 2022. Prize winners are posted below. 

Prize Winners     

ORFV BROCHURE — An Overview For Educators

The ORFV brochure includes information about the Ontario Register of Future Voters, the online registration process, and reasons why eligible youth should register. The brochure also provides an overview of suggested activities to increase awareness and facilitate sign-ups in schools.

ORFV Brochure     

ORFV GUIDE — A Guide to Organizing ORFV Activities

The ORFV guide includes a variety of support tools you can use, outlines possible awareness-building activities and options for registration drives, and outlines the contests and prizes available to schools and student participants. 

ORFV Guide     

ORFV Flyer — A Resource For Students

The ORFV flyer includes key information on what Ontario Register of Future Voters is, who is eligible and how to get on the list. The ORFV flyer is a great starting point to share information with students. 

ORFV Flyer     

ORFV VIDEO — “The Ontario Register of Future Voters”

This video explains what is the Ontario Register of Future Voters, and walks eligible youth through the steps of how to sign up via the online registration process. 

YouTube Link     

ORFV VIDEO — “Why is the Ontario Register of Future Voters Important?”

This video features educators and students discussing the importance of the Ontario Register of Future Voters, and how it can reduce the barriers to voting. 

YouTube Link     

ORFV VIDEO — “Organizing Activities for the Ontario Register of Future Voters”

This video highlights best practices from educators and students in regards to leading the Ontario Register of Future Voters activities at your school. 

YouTube Link     

ORFV VIDEO — Ontario Register of Future Voters Information Session

CIVIX hosted virtual information sessions for educators and/or students to learn more about the initiative and discuss different ways to promote the ORFV in schools. A recording is available here. 

YouTube Link     


Four social media images are available to advertise the ORFV and encourage sign-ups. The social media images are provided in a variety of formats for sharing on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram along with the hashtag #FutureVoters. A playlist of shareable videos is also available. 

Social Media Images      Video Playlist

BECOME AN ORFV LEAD — Register Below

Let’s work together! If you are interested in organizing ORFV activities at your school, please sign-up with CIVIX. You’ll receive helpful tools and information about the initiative. ORFV leads can be teachers or students.


ORFV FAQ — ORFV Frequently Asked Questions

The ORFV FAQ includes responses to common ORFV questions, for both students and ORFV leads.