Ontario Municipal Election Outreach Materials

CIVIX uses social media on a daily basis to share news, updates and encourage program registration. Your can share our posts, as well as using your own personal accounts to spread information about the Student Vote program and promote participation.

Step 1: Follow our accounts – Before you do anything else, we’d appreciate if you could like, follow and/or subscribe to our social media accounts. These include:

Twitter: @CIVIX_Canada and @studentvote
YouTube: CIVIX and Student Vote
Facebook: CIVIX and Student Vote
Instagram: CIVIX

Step 2: Share information with your networks

If you’re not the most familiar with social media, we’ve provide a few sample posts that you can use or adapt to post on your own accounts. Feel free to share or re-post our posts as well.

Use the municipal elections as a teachable moment through @studentvotehttps://studentvote.ca/registration/

Engage your students in the Student Vote this fall: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f7T9mvHz8hc

Step 3: Use hashtags – Hashtags can be used to spread your message further. Many school boards also use their own hashtags, and #onted and #onedu are commonly used to share with educators across Ontario.

Ontario teachers! Get your school involved in the municipal elections with @studentvote: https://studentvote.ca/ #onted #onedu