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What is the purpose of government? What does it mean to live in a democracy? How have voting rights evolved over time? How is government structured in Canada? How do we elect our politicians?

Learn the basics about government, democracy and elections by watching the videos posted below.


Government and Democracy


The Right to Vote


The Levels of Government


Information Pollution




A series of slide decks have been developed to complement each lesson in the Elementary/Intermediate and Secondary resources.

Elementary/Intermediate Level

  • Slide Deck 1: Rules and Government [PPT]
  • Slide Deck 3: Rights and Responsibilities [PPT]
  • Slide Deck 4: Democracy and Information [PPT]
  • Slide Deck 5: Online Verification Skills [PPT]
  • Slide Deck 6: Journalism [PPT]
  • Slide Deck 7A: Who am I? [PPT]
  • Slide Deck 7B: Levels of Government [PPT]
  • Slide Deck 9: My Candidates [PPT]
  • Slide Deck 12: The Voting Process [PPT]


Secondary Level

  • Slide Deck 1A: Values, Beliefs & Perspectives [PPT]
  • Slide Deck 1B: The Political Spectrum [PPT]
  • Slide Deck 2: Government and Democracy [PPT]
  • Slide Deck 3: Democracy and Information [PPT]
  • Slide Deck 4: Online Verification Skills [PPT]
  • Slide Deck 5: Journalism [PPT]
  • Slide Deck 7: Governments in Canada [PPT]
  • Slide Deck 8: Provincial Government in PEI [PPT]
  • Slide Deck 9: Elections in PEI [PPT]
  • Slide Deck 11: The Voting Process [PPT]