Overall Results Results by Electoral District

Results by School

Paisley Road Public School

Vote Count

Electoral District Candidate Political Party Vote Count Vote %
Guelph MIKE SCHREINER Green Party of Ontario 16 43.24%
Guelph PAUL TAYLOR None of the Above Direct Democracy Party 2 5.41%
Guelph JUANITA BURNETT Communist 4 10.81%
Guelph SLY CASTALDI Ontario Liberal Party 2 5.41%
Guelph RAY FERRARO PC Party of Ontario 3 8.11%
Guelph AGNIESZKA MLYNARZ Ontario NDP/NPD 7 18.92%
Guelph MICHAEL RIEHL Libertarian 1 2.70%
Guelph THOMAS MOONEY Ontario Party 2 5.41%

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