Overall Results Results by Electoral District

Results by School

Spencer Avenue Elementary School

Vote Count

Electoral District Candidate Political Party Vote Count Vote %
Dufferin—Caledon C. ANDREW NOWELL Trillium Party TPO 2 5.26%
Dufferin—Caledon ANDREA MULLARKEY Ontario NDP/NPD 7 18.42%
Dufferin—Caledon STEPHEN MCKENDRICK Consensus Ontario 0 0.00%
Dufferin—Caledon JEFF HARRIS Libertarian 4 10.53%
Dufferin—Caledon SYLVIA JONES PC Party of Ontario 12 31.58%
Dufferin—Caledon BOB GORDANIER Ontario Liberal Party 1 2.63%
Dufferin—Caledon LAURA CAMPBELL Green Party of Ontario 12 31.58%

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