Student Vote Day

On designated Student Vote Days (March 23 and 24), students across Saskatchewan took on the roles of deputy returning officers and poll clerks, and organized a vote using authentic election materials. The ballots were counted by each school and reported to CIVIX confidentially.

The Student Vote results will be released publicly by CIVIX on election night (April 4) and shared with the media for broadcast and publication.


Registered schools received a Student Vote Election Manual, ballot boxes, voting screens and ballots.

The Student Vote Election Manual [PDF] is intended to help guide you through Student Vote Day. You will find suggestions on how to operate the parallel election within your school and guidelines for reporting your results. There are several methods for running Student Vote Day at your school, but in all instances, widespread participation is strongly recommended. By practicing now, students will be more inclined and prepared to participate in the future.

Organizing Student Vote Day
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Submitting your results

Adhering to the reporting deadline is necessary in order for CIVIX to include your school’s totals in the final results shared with media for release on election night.

All schools must keep their Student Vote results confidential until after the close of polls in their constituency on election day. Election officials should be sworn to secrecy.


Past results