Middle/Secondary Resources


The Middle/Secondary resource was developed for grades 9 to 12. Each lesson has several activities and options available, for the ease of adapting it to your particular classroom. Please use, modify, rearrange and choose from these activities as you see fit. The lessons build upon one another and have a clear flow, but they can also be used as stand-alone lessons or activities depending on your classroom needs.

On this page you will the find eight lesson plans along with corresponding handouts and worksheets. Many of the lessons suggest videos or PowerPoint presentations to assist with the instruction portion of the lesson; these can be found on the POWERPOINT PRESENTATIONS and VIDEOS pages. Various assessment tools are also posted, along with a glossary of terms.

Activity Resource:

  • Introduction [PDF]
  • Acknowledgements [PDF]
  • Suggestions for Wider Engagement [PDF]
  • How to Use this Resource [PDF]


Lesson 1: Governance and Democracy [PDF]

  • Handout 1.1: Principles of Democracy [PDF]
  • Worksheet 1.2: What are the Principles of Democracy? [PDF] [Word]
  • Worksheet 1.3: Who Should Decide? [PDF] [Word]


Lesson 2: Democratic Rights and Responsibilities [PDF]

  • Handout 2.1: Highlights from the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms [PDF]
  • Handout 2.2: History of Voting Rights in Canada [PDF]
  • Worksheet 2.3: The Right to Vote [PDF] [Word]
  • Handout 2.4: Voter Turnout by Age Group (Federal Elections) [PDF]
  • Video: Student Vote 2015 [YouTube] [Vidyard]


Lesson 3: Governments in Canada [PDF]

  • Worksheet 3.1: Government in Canada [PDF] [Word]
  • Handout 3.2: Government Responsibilities [PDF]
  • Worksheet 3.3: Investigating Government [PDF] [Word]
  • Worksheet 3.4: Government All Around [PDF] [Word]
  • Handout 3.5: History of Aboriginal Self-Government [PDF]
  • Worksheet 3.6: First Nation Profile [PDF] [Word]
  • Saskatchewan Provincial Ministry Descriptions [PDF]
  • Political Trivia Jeopardy! [PPT]


Lesson 4: Political Parties [PDF]

  • Handout 4.1: The Basic Political Spectrum [PDF]
  • Worksheet 4.2: The World’s Smallest Political Quiz [PDF] [Word]
  • Handout 4.3: The Political Compass [PDF]
  • Handout 4.4: 2011 Saskatchewan Provincial Election Results [PDF]
  • Worksheet 4.5: Getting to Know the Parties [PDF] [Word]
  • Worksheet 4.6: Understanding the Issues and Platforms [PDF] [Word]
  • Worksheet 4.7: Evaluating the Leaders’ Debate [PDF] [Word]


Lesson 5: Local Candidates and Issues [PDF]

  • Worksheet 5.1: Election Candidate Profile [PDF] [Word]
  • Handout 5.2: A Framework for Planning an All-Candidates Meeting [PDF]


Lesson 6: The Role of Media in Elections [PDF]

  • Worksheet 6.1: My Media Analysis [PDF] [Word]
  • Worksheet 6.2: Facts vs. Opinions [PDF] [Word]


Lesson 7: The Voting Process [PDF]

  • Worksheet 7.1: Preparing to Vote [PDF] [Word]
  • Video: Student Vote 2015 Results Summary with Peter Mansbridge [YouTube] [Vidyard]
  • Video: Organizing Student Vote Day [YouTube] [Vidyard]
  • Student Vote Election Manual [PDF]


Lesson 8: Post-Election Analysis [PDF]


Assessment Opportunities [PDF]

  • Election Scrapbook Assignment [PDF]
  • Election Scrapbook Assignment Rubric [PDF]
  • Group Work Activity Rubric [PDF]
  • Discussion Rubric [PDF]
  • Saskatchewan Government Quiz [PDF] [Word]
  • Glossary [PDF]