Liberal Party

Yukon Liberal Party

Party Leader: Sandy Silver
Founded: 1898
Current Number of Seats: 1/19


The Yukon Liberal Party was founded in 1898, but the party only ran candidates in an election for the first time after the establishment of the Legislative Assembly in 1978.

During the 1978 general election the Yukon Liberals were led by Ian MacKay. The party won two seats in the legislature and received 26 per cent of the popular vote to become the official opposition.

For next twenty years, the party saw decline in their vote share and remained a minor party.

During the 2000 general election, under the leadership of Pat Duncan, won a majority government. The party won 10 seats in the legislature and received 42.7 per cent of the popular vote.

Following the 2002 snap election, the party was reduced to just one seat in the legislature and its popular vote share fell to 28.96 per cent. In 2005, Pat Duncan was defeated by Arthur Mitchell by a margin of 357 to 303 votes in the Yukon Liberal Party leadership convention.

During the 2006 general election, under the leadership of Arthur Mitchell, the party ran 18 candidates and won five seats in the legislature with 34.7 per cent of the popular vote. The party became the official opposition in the legislature.

During the 2011 general election, the party won only two seats and 25.2 per cent of popular vote. The party leader Arthur Mitchell was defeated in his own riding of Copperbelt North. Following the election, Arthur Mitchell announced his resignation as party leader.

In 2012, Sandy Silver became the interim leader and in 2014 became the party leader by acclamation.