The Results

More than 1,100 elementary and secondary school students from 14 schools participated in Student Vote Yukon 2021. Votes were cast in 12 of the 19 electoral districts.

After learning about government and the election process, researching the parties and platforms, and debating the future of Yukon, students cast ballots for the official candidates running in their school’s electoral district. This was the third territorial Student Vote organized in Yukon to date.

As of April 15, 2021, 1,179 total ballots were cast by participants (1,094 valid votes, 52 rejected votes and 33 declined ballots).

  • Kate White and the NDP won 5 seats and received 42 per cent of the popular vote.
  • Currie Dixon and the Yukon Party won 5 seats and received 28 per cent of the popular vote.
  • Sandy Silver and the Liberal Party won 3 seats and received 29 per cent of the vote.
  • There is a tie in the electoral district of Kluane between the Yukon Party and Liberal Party candidates.

The Student Vote Yukon 2021 online results platform presents the territory-wide results, as well as results for each electoral district and for each individual school.