Campaign update: Leaders’ Debates, Youth Vote Compass and Teacher Tips

Category: Communications

We wanted to share some useful resources as you engage your students in the federal election – as well as some much-deserved appreciation for your participation. 

Leaders’ debates
The French-language leaders’ debate took place last night, and the English leaders’ debate is tonight at 9pm EDT. The English debate will cover five themes: affordability, climate, COVID recovery, leadership and accountability, and reconciliation. Visit the Leaders’ Debates Commission site for details on how to watch, stream or replay the debates. Many media outlets will also have recaps or highlights available. Refer to Intermediate/Secondary Lesson 6 for various activities to prepare for and analyze the debate.

Youth Vote Compass
Vote Compass: Canada Youth Edition is an interactive tool to help young Canadians consider their political views and discover their place on the political spectrum. Background information is available to provide context and/or help familiarize students with the different sides to the issues. The tool is designed for intermediate/secondary grades but can be used with younger grades with further support.

As an added bonus, you can register your class in order to receive analytics about how the opinions of your class compare to the voters of Canadian political parties. Following registration, you will receive an email with your class code and additional instructions. 

Teacher tips
We know that the timeline for Student Vote Canada is tight this year, so we asked a few educators from across the country to share their quick Student Vote tips. We’ve created ten videos you can use for ideas and inspiration, and you can watch the short clips here

Thank you message
Canada’s Chief Electoral Officer, Stéphane Perreault, has recorded a thank you message to acknowledge your efforts to lead the Student Vote program at your school and the importance of the program. You can watch the thank you message here

If you have any interesting stories to share from your program experience, we would love to hear them.