[CBC News] Student Vote results are in. See how kids voted compared to adults

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More than 700,000 elementary and high school students from each of Canada’s 338 ridings participated in a mock election this month, alongside the real federal election.

Student Vote Canada was organized by a charity called CIVIX, in collaboration with Elections Canada.

When the results were released on Tuesday, it showed that kids had chosen a Liberal minority government, just like the adults.

But, in a surprise twist, the students chose the NDP as the second-place party instead of matching the adult vote and going with the Conservatives.

In a kid-led universe, this would make the NDP the official opposition, or the group tasked with keeping the ruling party in check.

In total, the Liberals won 117 seats, the NDP won 107, the Conservatives won 91, the Bloc Québécois won 20 and the Greens won three.