Last minute tips and reminders!

Category: Communications

We hope you and your students are looking forward to Student Vote Day.

Here are a few reminders and suggestions for the final days of the campaign to maximize the time you have left.

Ballot package issues
If your package is lost or delayed, please contact our team. We have different options that will still allow you to conduct your vote. 

Election Manual
The Student Vote Election Manual provides different suggestions for organizing your vote, as well as important requirements for ensuring a fair and secure process. A paper copy was included in your ballot package. You can access the online version here.

Student Vote Day readiness
Are you looking for ways to educate your students over one or two days? Below are some key learning aspects to cover along with specific videos and tools. 

1. Why do we have elections? Why do we vote? – Watch the “Voting in Democracy” video to introduce these concepts.

2. Why do we have political parties? Watch the “Introduction to politics and political parties” video to learn about goal and activities of political parties. Next, review the parties at the federal level.

3. How do federal elections work? Watch the “Federal Elections” video to review the idea that there are 338 races across the country. Each voter selects one candidate to vote for and the candidate with the most votes wins.

4. Visit the Elections Canada website and look up your school’s riding/electoral district and the list of candidates running for election.

5. Have students use the following information to learn about the parties, leaders and candidates.

6. Encourage students to talk to their families about the candidates and election issues!

Just remember that the very act of casting a ballot is an important learning goal. It helps demystify the voting process and helps students understand the connection to their Member of Parliament.