Student Vote Newsletter #4: October 6

Student Vote ballots are now being shipped to schools across the country. You should be receiving your ballots by the end of this week.
Please open your package immediately upon receipt to confirm you have received ballots for the correct riding(s). If your ballots are incorrect we can, where possible, send you replacements or email you a PDF version to print/photocopy. 
Student Vote Week is next week, and we challenge you and your students to surpass a 75% Student Vote turnout for the ballots you have requested. A high level of turnout at your school can cause improved voter turnout among parents and members of your school community.
Looking for tips on how to organize your Student Vote Day? We have created a video which summarizes the process and provides some suggestions. You can watch it here: 

Feeling crunched for time? Don’t worry. We have created three- and five-day condensed ‘Lesson Pathways’ to help your students prepare before Student Vote Day. You can access them here
Please reply to this email with any questions. We’re help to help.
Dan and Adelina
On behalf of the CIVIX team

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