[CBC] Here’s who would have won the election if grade-school students were making the decision

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Ever wonder what would happen if kids were allowed to decide who runs the country? Apparently things would be a lot like last night’s federal election result — but with a few important differences.

They may have been too young to vote in the federal election, but more than 1.1 million students from 7,747 elementary and high schools across the country participated in Student Vote Canada 2019. The results of the mock federal election organized by CIVIX have the Liberals winning a minority government, with 110 seats and 22.4 per cent of the popular vote.

Unlike last night’s official election results, however, the student vote gave the NDP official opposition status with 99 seats and 24.8 per cent of the popular vote.

Meanwhile, the Conservatives won 94 seats and 25 per cent of the unofficial student vote, the Greens won 28 seats (18.2 per cent), and the Bloc Québécois won 10 seats (one per cent of the popular vote). Organizers told CBC News that students in all 338 federal ridings cast ballots, but the seat total in the mock election added up to 341 due to three ties.

All the major party leaders won their ridings in the mock student election, with the exception of Bloc Québécois leader Yves-François Blanchet.

“Young people across Canada are often observed as a group that is not as informed or as engaged,” says Dan Allan, director of content for CIVIX, a civic education charity.

“This is just a neat example that young people in Canada are informed and engaged, and this is them sharing how they would vote if they had a chance.”

Students were able to vote between Oct. 15 and 21, and the turnout at the mock polls was up significantly from the 922,000 youths who cast ballots in the 2015 Student Vote. The number of schools participating this year was also up by more than 1,000.

“We are extremely pleased with the turnout overall for Student Vote Canada 2019, with more students across Canada taking part than ever before,” Allan said.