Registered schools will receive a Student Vote Election Manual, ballot boxes, voting screens and ballots.

The Student Vote Election Manual is intended to help guide you through Student Vote Day. You will find suggestions on how to operate the parallel election within your school and guidelines for reporting your results.

If you are interested in voting online, please contact the CIVIX team to discuss the options available.

Submitting Your Results

Please ensure you report your results by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, February 12.

Adhering to the reporting deadline is necessary in order for CIVIX to include your school’s totals in the final results shared on election night (Saturday, February 13).

All schools must keep their Student Vote results confidential until after the close of official polls. Election officers should be sworn to secrecy.


Past Results

During the 2019 Newfoundland and Labrador provincial election, more than 13,000 students under the voting age learned about the democratic process, researched the candidates and party platforms, debated the future of the province and, ultimately, cast ballots for the official candidates running in their local electoral districts.

In total, 13,558 votes were reported from 108 schools, representing all 40 electoral districts.

Students elected Dwight Ball and the Liberal Party to form a majority government with 25 seats. The PC Party formed the official opposition with 10 seats. The NDP won 3 seats. Two candidates with no party affiliation were also elected.