Overall Results Results by Electoral District

Results by Electoral District


Vote Count

Results by Candidate

Elected Candidate Political Party Electoral District Vote Count Vote %
SOL MAMAKWA Ontario NDP/NPD Kiiwetinoong 68 35.98%
CLIFFORD BULL PC Party of Ontario Kiiwetinoong 51 26.98%
CHRISTINE PENNER POLLE Green Party of Ontario Kiiwetinoong 33 17.46%
DOUG LAWRANCE Ontario Liberal Party Kiiwetinoong 31 16.40%
KENNETH JONES N O P Kiiwetinoong 6 3.17%

Participating Schools

School Name (Click to view results) Ballots Requested Vote Count
Crolancia Public School 16 11
Ear Falls Public School 20 17
Queen Elizabeth District High School 125 70
Red Lake/Madsen Public School 98 86
Titotay Memorial School 50 0
Victoria Linklater Memorial School 20 5