Student Vote Saskatchewan: The Results

Nearly 20,000 students under the voting age cast ballots in Student Vote Saskatchewan for the 2016 provincial election. Students elected Brad Wall and the Saskatchewan Party to a majority government with 48 seats and 53.4 per cent of the vote.

Student Vote Saskatchewan 2016

Schools across the province participated in a provincial parallel election.

Student Vote Day in Saskatchewan

March 23 and 24 are Student Vote Days in Saskatchewan! As many as 20,000 students will cast ballots from 335 schools representing all 61 provincial constituencies.

Democracy Bootcamp BC 2016

More than 100 teachers from across British Columbia will gather in Vancouver today and tomorrow for Democracy Bootcamp BC 2016!

Elections SK and CIVIX launch the Student Vote program in Saskatchewan

Elections Saskatchewan and CIVIX are partnering to coordinate the Student Vote program for the April 4 provincial election.